4Duck Dynasty has flown away, and people are not liking it. A&E recently aired the last episode ever and Twitterers showed their sadness about it.

The Robertsons enjoy each other as they wrap up the last shots of Duck Dynasty (source: Facebook)

After 11 seasons and record-breaking viewership, the reality TV show has signed off for good. The finale aired March 29 and then a special clip on April 5. 

Check out people’s reactions on Twitter:

Elsie can’t hold back the tears…

Scott says the Robertsons are “actual role models that we can all strive to be like.”

Christian begs the show to stay…

Thomas was inspired to live for Christ because of the way the Robertsons live their lives…

But the Twittersphere was not the only place lighting up about the end of the show. The cast members were sad to see it go too.

Sadie Robertson will miss being on the show that boosted her into national fame, and she made that clear on Instagram.

“I’m so thankful for everything the show has done for me and my family,” Sadie Robertson wrote on Instagram. “LOVE YOU ALL. Thanks for making a show with a prayer at the end of it the most watched reality TV show on cable.”

Phil Robertson even hopped on Facebook to offer his thoughts.

“Did you catch the final episode of Duck Dynasty?” he said. “Thank you for welcoming us into your home for so many years. Here’s to many more years of faith, family, and ducks.”

Jase Robertson said it’s “been a good ride” being on Duck Dynasty.


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