Comic Eugene Less Ambiguous

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Not everything from Robert Kirkman’s comic makes it to AMC’s version of The Walking Dead. The television writers understand they must toe the line between adaptation and creating something fresh, but that leaves Comic Eugene as collateral damage.

Last season, actor Josh McDermitt actually erased his social media accounts because fans were being so harsh. His character, Eugene, showed his true colors. AMC’s Eugene would do anything to protect himself, even if that means defecting.

Fans like Comic Eugene more because he never abandons Rick Grimes.

Working With The Saviors…

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On the show, Eugene quickly agreed to work with the Saviors. Unlike Daryl or Sasha, he quickly said that he too, was Negan. This upset fans, but then things really went downhill from there.

Not only is he actively helping the enemy, but he even tried to talk Rick into surrendering at the gates of Alexandria. Other than the fact that he felt sorry for Sasha, it looks like he’s completely turned.

Comic Eugene was way less weak than AMC’s version.

Spoilers Ahead For Walking Dead Season 8

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

With that in mind, it’s unclear if Eugene will follow his path and come back to the light. In the comic, his knowledge of the Sanctuary and DIY ammunition is essentially what helped Rick finally win the war.

Since Daryl Dixon is new to the undead world and not in the comic, he could take on part of this role. Beyond Daryl’s knowledge of the Sanctuary, it’s also clear that Jesus has scouted out the enemy lines as well.

The only real asset that both versions of Eugene carry is the ability to make bullets and his position between the two sides. Rick Grimes will likely need his help, but it’s unclear if he can trust him.

In the end, the television version is going to choose whoever can help him the most. In this case, he’s going to choose who appears to be winning the war. But, if he’s not careful, both sides will throw him to the side and fight without him.

If Eugene ends up alone, he won’t last long in the world of the undead.

Do you think Eugene will join Rick Grimes to fight Negan?

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