Top 5 Looks from Rebecca Lo Robertson Duck and Dressing Online Boutique


Rebecca Lo Robertson, the adoptive daughter of Willie and Korie Robertson has opened her own boutique with Korie. Rebecca’s boutique called Duck and Dressing has a busy physical store in West Monroe Louisiana and an online boutique that’s also booming these days. We figured in honor of Rebecca’s wedding this weekend, we’d pick out five of our favorite looks from the Duck and Dressing Online Boutique and share them with you.

Arrow Skull Tee

Arrow Skull Tee
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The Duck Dynasty women, including Rebbeca Lo Robertson, are known for their casual southern style. When the show first premiered many fans were shocked to see that the wives of the Robertson men were so polished and stylish. They certainly are a sharp contrast to their husband and fathers’ scraggly looks. This Arrow Skull Tee is cute, casual, and reminds us of the family’s hunting roots. The website describes the tee as, “Born out of the angst of the LA punk rock scene, Chaser was molded by the evolution of the music scene. Utilizing soft blends, Chaser tees are luxuriously soft and their designs continue to evolve with the ever changing music scene.” We can picture Sadie rocking this exact outfit at one of her Live Original tours.


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