Since I am doing a quotes list, I decided that each character will get two lists. One for funny quotes and the other for more touching, sentimental quotes. These quotes were picked by me by using the quotes section on the Big Bang Theory’s website. These are not a reflection of the fan base, just me. It was a bit hard to find heartwarming quotes for Penny because she is so sarcastic. So these quotes may be bordering the heartwarming/funny line!

10. Penny: I mean, the whole experience reminded me about how much I hated about that world. You-you know, the anxiety, the depression, the negativity. I don’t want to feel those things. I want to sell drugs to people who feel those things.

Why I Picked It: Penny really opens up how she feels about her past and present in this one monologue.

9. Penny: You wrote vows?
Leonard: Yes.
Penny: I don’t have any. You’re kind of making me look bad.
Leonard: I don’t have to say them.
Penny: No, go ahead. I’ll come up with something mushy, you’ll cry. We’ve got this.

Why I Picked It: A cute little Lenny moment.

8. Leonard: Penny, will you marry me?
Penny: Oh my god, yes!

Why I Picked It: It was a big moment.

7. Leonard: Before you say anything, have you heard of Schrodinger’s cat?
Penny: Actually, I’ve heard far too much about Schrodinger’s cat.
Leonard: Good.
*Leonard and Penny kiss!*
Penny: All right, the cat’s alive. Let’s go to dinner.

Why I Picked It: This episode always gets me. This was a big moment for Leonard and Penny. They realized what they wanted.

6. Leonard: Am I like the dryer sheets of your heart?
Penny: Better. You’re the lint trap of my love.

Why I Picked It: Since, it’s better than dryer sheets that means Lenny wins.

5. Penny: “Do or do not do there is no try.”
Leonard: My girlfriend quoted Star Wars.
Penny: I believe I quoted The Empire Strikes Back.

Why I Picked It: It really shows how much Penny loves Leonard and starts to learn from him.

4. Leonard: So I’m like a bran muffin?
Penny: What? No, that’s not what I’m saying.
Leonard: No, that’s exactly what you’re saying. I’m the boring thing you’re choosing because I’m good for you.
Penny: What does it matter? I’m choosing you.
Leonard: It matters a lot. I don’t want to be a bran muffin. I want to be a cinnabon, a strawberry pop tart. Something you’re excited about, even if it could give you diabetes.
Penny: Sweetie, you can be any pastry you want.

Why I Picked It: That whole scene was sweet.

3. Penny: What’s thoughtful is everything you do. Here, look at this. This is the plane ticket you bought me when I was too poor to go home for the holidays. And the rose you left on my windshield just because. Here’s the thank you letter you wrote me after the first time I slept with you. All eleven pages of it.
Leonard: I can’t believe you saved all this stuff.
Penny: Of course I did, it’s you.
Leonard: Come here. … Is that a pregnancy test?
Penny: Oh yeah, just the first one. I didn’t save them all.

Why I Picked It: Penny tries so hard to be romantic. Her initial plan doesn’t pan out. But all this more than makes up for it.

2. Sheldon: I don’t think I can go back out there.
Penny: That’s fine. You know, I hate that your sister and her friends used to torture you. But what I hate even more is, if I was there, I would have tortured you, too.
Sheldon: Based on this pep talk, I’d say you’re still doing it.
Penny: My point is, there was a time I never would’ve been friends with someone like you, and now you are one of my favorite people. So, if what you need is to spend your birthday in a bathroom, I’m happy to do it with you.
Sheldon: Well, everyone will think I’m weird.
Penny: Sweetie, you are weird. Everyone knows you’re weird, but they’re all still here because they care about you so much.

Why I Picked It: I love Sheldon/Penny moments. Penny shows she is a true friend.

1. Penny: Leonard. You’re not only the love of my life. You’re my best friend. And you’ve got a friend in me. You got troubles. I got ’em too. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for you. We stick together and we can see it through, because you’ve got a friend in me.

Why I Picked It: It’s obvious.

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