BREAKING: Willie Robertson Leaves Las Vegas Play In Tears… Fans Will Know Why


The Robertson men are depicted in Duck Dynasty mostly as these tough, backwoods fellows who hunt ducks and drive trucks. Rarely do you see one of these men cry.

Willie Robertson
Wife and husband, Korie and Willie Robertson (source:

Willie Robertson, the CEO of the Robertson family business Duck Commander, is the man in charge. He’s a bearded manly man (although his older brother, Jase, may claim to be a rougher, tougher guy). But Willie apparently has a soft side. A very soft side.

He said he cried during a musical. Now, that’s something you don’t typically hear a “man’s man” admit. What was it that made tears flow?

“How do you deal with all the media scrutiny and all these things and all that we [the Robertsons] went through?” Willie said. “All that’s played out in the musical.”

The musical is called Duck Commander, and it premiered a couple years ago. The 90-minute play “transports the Louisiana bayou to the Las Vegas stage… seasoned with all the southern spirit and down-to-earth humor you’d expect from America’s most famous rednecks, the Robertson family.”

Sounds touching, doesn’t it? Willie sure thought so…

Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson (AP Photo / Al Messerschmidt)

He let the floodgates open and showed his emotions during the play.

Willie is apparently not afraid to wear his emotions on his sleeve (photo by

“It’s emotional at times — I was crying watching it,” Willie said. “Because just think about these different … if something would have happened differently, then none of this would’ve happened.”

It’s true. The play shows how the Robertsons went from poor hunters and fishermen to millionaire businessmen — every moment had to count. 

Apparently, this was all meant to be. And the play that made Willie cry takes viewers along their journey every step of the way.

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