The Biggest Difference Between Men And Women On The Walking Dead


“When they came out, I had this feeling of like sisters doing it for themselves,” said Yvette Nicole Brown on the latest Talking Dead. The actress from Community loves the series and truly enjoyed the recent episode of The Walking Dead.

Yvette Nicole Brown | Photo Credit Talking Dead

“The Key,” was the episode centered around Rick Grimes mourning for his son. Rick did this by chasing down Negan and then fighting with him in a dilapidated building. Meanwhile, the women of the show worked towards peace.

Thankfully, this happened because of Michonne and partially due to her reaction to the death of Carl Grimes.

Searching For Peace On The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“The whole episode was juxtaposed with the men burning stuff down, car chases, and fire… and the women were growing and talking about peace, and making stuff better,” said the actress.

“I thought it was a nice female empowerment moment. Even when one of the women tried to be more violent, one of the other women [would bring her back]. Like ‘Come on sister, come on back. We’re going to try the more peaceful way.’”

Hopefully, this peace will carry over for more of the show.

Danai Gurira Talks About Michonne After Carl

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

At the same time, Rick Grimes is being a madman, Michonne is using Carl’s final words to give others a chance. “Everything is affected by that loss [of Carl]. She’s in tremendous grief and the only way she’s able to process it is to connect to what he last said. That is actually how she’s not crumbling,” said Danai Gurira.

“There’s something about these [new] women that Michonne starts to resonate as, ‘You take a chance on people and it’s not always a bad thing.’ That’s something he really instilled in her as he was dying,” concluded the actress.

At this point, the only person truly living like Carl Grimes wanted is Michonne but that could all soon change. Thanks to Georgie, Maggie and some of the others may actually be good once again.

Maggie was surprisingly close to Governor territory after she killed the recent prisoner on the show. Part of her needs to be this way, but hopefully, she will find “the key” and exist somewhere closer to Carl’s utopian dream.

What did you think of this most recent episode of The Walking Dead?

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