Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Son Just Reacted To His Zombification, And It’s Gold


By now, actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan has seen a ton of zombies in his day. The actor who plays Negan on The Walking Dead decided to bring his son for a little zombification, and the results are shocking.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan | Photo
Jeffrey Dean Morgan | Photo

During an interview that Jeffrey Dean Morgan shared for People “Sexiest Man Alive,” he told fans about taking his son on a zombie cruise. “I just think that being a dad has been the greatest gift that I’ve ever had in my life, and I’m very away that I just want him to have the best life possible,” the actor said.

Apparently, the makeup was too much for the kid.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan On Family Zombie Cruise

Walker Stalker Con | Photo Credit Collider

“I mean everything can be a great moment as a dad, especially when I’m gone as much as I am,” added the actor. “I work a lot, man, those weekends at home with him are the greatest [and] I took him on a zombie cruise last year which was fun.”

Apparently, the boy got in a little over his head when he decided to put on some zombie makeup. When the boy looked into the mirror, he literally fainted because he was so terrified of the makeup.

Not everyone is ready for full zombification.

Too Scary For 7-Year-Old Kids

Walker Stalker Con | Photo Credit Website

“All he wanted to do was get zombie makeup put on. So, he did and he looked in the mirror at the reflection and he fainted. We probably won’t do realistic zombie makeup again for a little while. But it was a heck of an experience and we still giggle about it, you know?” said the actor.

While the boy may not be ready for killing walkers quite yet, he sounds pretty brave for a 7-year-old. Not long ago, Jeffrey Dean Morgan went on a morning show and said he caught his son playing Negan with the chickens. Luckily for the chickens, he didn’t go through with the entire Lucille scene.

When the series returns, we’re dying to see what’s next for Rick Grimes and Negan. For now, our hearts go out to young Carl Grimes, who looks like he may be the next one to go on the iconic series.

Do you think Negan will actually win the war after Carl Grimes potential death?

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