You Won’t Believe How Daryl Dixon Finally Deals With Dwight In This Scene


Tara and Daryl Dixon have it out for Dwight. Since Dwight killed Denise, everyone is more than willing to kill this Savior. But with Dwight helping Rick Grimes and providing intel, the question is when will he be killed?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In the mid-season finale, Dwight finally made a move that proved he was a rat. During a shootout on the road, Dwight turned and shot at least six Saviors. This led to him being shot in the arm and one Savior getting away.

After the shootout, it was up to Tara and Daryl Dixon on how to handle Dwight.

Daryl Dixon Listens To Dwight’s Plea

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“It’s over,” said Dwight while holding his bullet wound. “I made sure you guys could get out the back. I drove the convoy right up to the roadblock.” Dwight pleaded that he “…knew what it was” and that he “can’t go back.”

With Tara, Rosita, Michonne, and Daryl around Dwight, he pleaded for his life. Surprisingly, Daryl Dixon decided to lower his gun. But, he did take something back from Dwight.

Do you remember what Dwight originally took from Daryl?

Deciding What To Do With Dwight

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“How’d they get out?” asked Daryl Dixon. “Was it what I did?” Amidst the chaos, Daryl is still concerned that it is his fault that the Survivors escaped. Luckily, Dwight informed him that the Saviors escaped thanks to a plan from Eugene.

At this point, Tara looked like she was about to shoot Dwight. For whatever reason, Daryl decided to trust him for a little longer. With one quick jerk, Daryl ripped the vest off of Dwight and took it back.

For now, they’re going to use Dwight to get inside the mind of Negan. Like Gregory or perhaps Eugene, he’s switched sides and he can’t go back. It’s unclear if they can trust him enough to let him live with them, but they may keep him in a prison.

If the prison in Alexandria hasn’t been burned down to the ground, Daryl and the others may put Dwight there. This would be a role reversal from before and it’s very likely that Daryl would give Dwight a dog food sandwich for his trouble.

Are you ready to see Daryl wear his infamous vest again?


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