Without Rick, Can Daryl Dixon Really Carry The Walking Dead?


New reports indicate that Andrew Lincoln plans to leave The Walking Dead after Season 9 of the zombie drama. According to The Hollywood Reporter, AMC is trying to up Norman Reedus’ contract to $20 million for Season 10 to carry the show. But fans are wondering if the show will even work without Rick Grimes.

Do Not Send Us Astray

Norman Reedus has played the fan-favorite Daryl Dixon since the beginning but he’s definitely more of a sidekick character. Reedus has been given the chance to test his acting chops on that many occasions. Sure, he reunited with Carol and spoke with Maggie in the cellar but that’s nothing like Rick’s challenges.

In the beginning, Rick Grimes was a man looking for his wife and child. Then, he’s had to deal with the death of both of these characters. Daryl Dixon is a loner, so most of his struggles are within. While this deal would make Reedus one of the highest paid actors on television, we’re wondering if it will work.

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