Will The Walking Dead Kill Off Daryl Dixon THIS Season?

By Brock Swinson | Monday Monday Staff -    2017-08-30

Daryl Gets Shot, But Lives To Tell The Tale

Daryl has almost died many, many times. When Dwight shot Daryl, it was perhaps the closest he ever got to actually dying. “You’ll be alright,” said Dwight after shooting our hero in the chest.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In terms of Daryl’s death, actor Norman Reedus has said, “I can’t say that I would be happy. I can’t say that I would not understand, but you see what happens — and he does get shot. It’s his blood that’s on the camera.”

But will he die when the series returns?

No One Is Safe Says Kirkman

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Many die-hard fans expect for their favorite characters to die, especially now that Glenn, Abraham, and Sasha have all been killed off. As for Daryl, however, fans have promised to riot if he dies.

Many fans left the show after Glenn was killed off and it’s possible more will leave if our bow-toting hero ever does bite the dust. However, that doesn’t mean he’s safe as creator Robert Kirkman has even said that Rick will one day die.

Norman Reedus isn’t too worried, at the moment. 

Daryl Is “Going To Get It,” But Not Today

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Norman Reedus said:

“I hear that about everyone, all the time. I hear, “Rick is going to get it!” “Lauren is going to get it!” I hear so much of it in all different directions that they all suck! (Laughs.) There’s not a good decision.”

“But don’t put it past anybody on the show to do something unexpected. There’s so many people who watch this show, so someone is going to get it right. One of these theories is going to be right.”

When the show does return this October, it looks like Daryl is rounding up a horde of walkers to take to Negan’s Sanctuary. In a later scene, it even looks like they’ve knocked down the fence of the Sanctuary.

Do you think Daryl might get killed in one of these early attacks?

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