What It Will Take For ‘Fear’ to Cross Over To The Walking Dead


When the creators of The Walking Dead announced a Fear the Walking Dead crossover, fans were thrilled to hear the news. But about one second later, fans were scratching their heads about who would crossover and how. The next problem involved the two different timelines.

Lennie James | Photo Credit Talking Dead

Talking Dead announced that Morgan would be the character to cross over, so the question was when the crossover would happen. On one hand, Morgan did disappear temporarily, so the jump could have happened in the past. On the other hand, Fear could push forward and Morgan could head to Texas after Negan’s war.

But there’s also another opportunity that was not discussed. The series could decide to “experiment with time,” which they’ve somewhat talked about.

Fear The Walking Dead Will Experiment With Season 4

Fear the Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

The series Fear will return on April 15 with Season 4 and they’re promising some pretty big changes. Co-creator Dave Erickson has been replaced by showrunners Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg. In addition, former showrunner for The Walking Dead, Scott Gimple, is also going to be overseeing both shows.

The show has also brought on some other recognizable faces for the new season. A few examples include Jenna Elfman (Dharma & Greg), Maggie Grace (Lost), and Garrett Dillahunt (No Country For Old Men). Then, they’ll also be adding Morgan actor Lennie James.

Chambliss and Goldberg have been quiet, but now they’re starting to share a few details about the new season. It’s possible they have been waiting for The Walking Dead to come back on since Season 8 could transition to Season 4 of Fear.

Chambliss described the new season as the “a world that reinvents itself constantly, both The Walking Dead and Fear… Season 2 we’re on a boat, Season 3 we’re at the ranch, and I think just the nature of the world lends itself to that.”

Showrunners Talk The Future Of Fear the Walking Dead

Fear the Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

The new showrunner also said that they’re changing up some elements within the genre to bring something fresh to the AMC audience. Specifically, he said they’re going to bring in more of the things originally created by Robert Kirkman. “Walkers will have a big role,” he added to clarify for die-hard fans.

More specifically, he said, there will be more “larger than life” characters. Ironically, this is what actor Michael Cudlitz (Abraham Fore) originally said about the idea of a crossover. Fear was more realistic, while The Walking Dead was like a bunch of superheroes, with katana swords, baseball bats, and so on.

Meaning, the new characters are going to be more badass and more interesting than the other characters. According to the duo, the ones who survive the longest in an apocalyptic situation are the others with “out-sized personalities” and “interesting ways of living.”

Examples like Negan’s Saviors, Jadis’ heapsters, and Oceanside come to mind. It’ll be interesting how the new characters mix with the old characters on Fear. But this change could mean that the two shows will continue to cross back and forth, maybe becoming one. 

Creating A More Fantastical Universe

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Goldberg concluded that “this season is about a journey from isolation to community,” which has also recently happened on The Walking Dead. “It’s also about a journey from hopelessness to hope.” Similarly, this is a major theme in every season of both shows.

Outside of the things that worked, there were also things that didn’t work, hence the major shift. “I think some of the things that come into the show at season 4 and the fact that we’re going to be a little bit further along in the apocalypse, it kind of lended itself to be able to push some of the walker elements,” said Chambliss.

Like the original series, this means that the walkers will look more decayed, plots will be more fantastical, and both characters and weapons will be more iconic. The overall plan is to make things like the comic book from Robert Kirkman. This will happen while also returning to the Season 3’s unanswered questions.

In order to do all of this, they’ll need to toy with the “narrative structure,” which is our first point of concern. Some fans are already complaining about the time jumps (and pointless Old Man Rick teaser) on the original series. 

The Potential Chance For Failure On Fear

Fear the Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“We’re playing around with narrative structure and, hopefully, have done it in such a way that when the audience thinks they’ve figured out where we’re going, we have a way to pull the rug out from under them,” said Chambliss. This means making people feel on edge so the show remains unpredictable.

But by changing the structure, the show could choose some point in between a time jump and a flashback, leaving the present loose in terms of footing. The Walking Dead has already adopted this non-linear storytelling, but Fear could also move in this direction as they try to figure out how to include Morgan into the mix.

Our wild prediction is that some of the newbies (mainly Maggie Grace) will show up at the end of Season 8 The Walking Dead. Then, she’ll somehow convince Morgan to head with her to Texas (for Fear). Then, when Fear starts, they’ll need to answer a few questions to satisfy fans but then they can push forward to present-day TWD.

This could mean one episode is confusing or it could mean an entire season hops around. When asked straight up about Morgan’s jump, Chambliss laughed nervously and avoided the answer. Goldberg finally concluded by adding, “We are huge fans of the character Morgan from The Walking Dead and his journey.”

In terms of the endpoint to the show, the showrunners focused on where to take the characters on an emotional story arc. Goldberg said, “As it happened, it sort of became undeniable when we started to talk about that, Morgan should be a critical element in that story.”

Do you think Fear could mess up things with a complex time jump?


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