More Unlikely Moments Like This Could Appear In Season 8


Fans “Say Yes” More Funny Moments On TWD

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Last season, in the episode, “Say Yes,” fans got to see something new on The Walking Dead. In the carnival full of walkers, fans got to see a touching and funny moments between Rick and Michonne.

While looking for weapons and supplies, the happy couple fell through the roof of an abandoned school. Luckily, Rick and Michonne landed on a mattress. Then, they found some mac and cheese to celebrate.

This happened, plus they found a ton of guns among the walkers.

Comedy On The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In one of the comedic moments, Rick encouraged Michonne to try and take out eight walkers while he focused on one. Unlike the first seasons, the killer survivors can now make a game of their walkers kills.

Michonne deadpans to the camera, and it was quite the laugh on set as well. This type of levity on set is rare. This was one of the first pace changes from Season 7 and fans loved it.

It did, however, also lead to a touching moment.

The Future Of The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Rick finally told Michonne how he missed Glenn. In the van, he got to express the truth about his sleepless nights. The hero misses his friend, Glenn, who saved him back in the pilot of the series.

Fans are hoping for more moments like these in Season 8 of the series. Funny moments followed by touching moments are what make the show so iconic. Season 7 came filled with gruesome moments and sad moments.

Hopefully there will also be similar times between Enid and Carl Grimes in Season 8 and the future of the show. We’ve already seen that Carl will be stepping into his father’s shoes, so it’s easy to think that could happen in more ways than one.

Also, the actress who plays Enid has also signed on as a regular, so we expect to see her more and more in the series.

Do you think we’ll see more funny moments on set in Season 8?

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