(SPOILERS) ONE Character May Die Because Of Rosita and Sasha… Fans Devastated


Rosita’s Trail Of Mistakes Continues… And Rick Grimes May Have To Pay

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Brace yourselves…

Rosita seems to be a lost cause.

She’s taken her one shot at Negan and she ended up missing, getting Eugene abducted, Olivia killed, and cut across her face. Despite this snowball of horrid acts, she continues to act first and question her actions later.

She seems to be blaming everyone else for her actions. After a bad day of scavenging, she ends up yelling at Father Gabriel. Luckily, he’s able to listen and offer advice, but she doesn’t really want to hear it.

Instead, she goes down another wrong path.

Rosita Recruits Sasha To Join Her

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At the end of the episode, Sasha is mourning over Abraham’s grave when Rosita arrives at Hilltop. “I’m here because I need your help,” said Rosita, essentially ignoring that Abraham and Glenn are buried a few feet away.

The two stare off for a moment before Sasha responds, “One condition: I get to take the shot.” These two are ready to kill Negan and they believe they can do it without anyone else’s help. Essentially, they’re ready to become kamikazes.

“Okay,” Rosita calmly responds to her request.

The Two Prepare For A Suicide Mission

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Rosita hasn’t made any good choices in the past few episode and now she’s recruited another to follow her poor decisions. She also reveals that she didn’t bring any explosives because she didn’t want the others to know what she was doing.

Rick already announced that she missed her guard duty, so she’s recruiting Sasha in a manner that is ill-prepared and half delivered. If she had planned a second more, she could have manned her post and then traveled to Hilltop.

The only thing she does have on her side is a sniper rifle for Sasha to take out Negan. This may be the first gun we saw when Rick and Michonne found the fairgrounds earlier in the episode.

Someone will find out their plan, but it’s unclear if anyone can stop these two from their suicidal mission. Unfortunately, it might get everyone killed.

Do you think Sasha will follow Holly’s fate from the comics?

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