Everyone Is Asking This Question About Rick Grimes After Last Week’s Episode…


“Thank God for Negan,” said one of the workers when he and Father Gabriel made it back inside. Surprisingly, despite their feeble actions in Season 7, it looks like the workers are actually loyal to Negan and his methods. But, can they work with Rick Grimes instead?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Meanwhile, Rick Grimes and Negan are fighting elsewhere over the sake of the workers. After they find dynamite, Daryl Dixon wants to use it to go ahead and end the war. However, this could hurt workers so Rick Grimes stops it from happening.

So, will the workers consider fighting for Rick Grimes?

Can Dwight Make Workers Help Rick Grimes?

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Ironically, the fate of the workers may live in the fate of Eugene and Dwight. Since Negan, Simon, and Gavin are aware that there is a rat among the Saviors, both Dwight and Eugene are on edge.

In reality, Dwight is the one who is double-crossing Negan. However, since Eugene is coming from Rick’s side, it’s more likely that everyone is going to accuse him. At this point, Eugene is looking for the true rat to save his own life.

However Eugene and Dwight play out this situation could change how the workers respond to the war.

Brave Tactics To Change The War

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Currently, the workers are hiding out in an agreement with the Saviors. Essentially, they’re supposed to work and, in return, they get protection from other enemies as well as from the walkers.

But, if Dwight (or Eugene) can side with the workers and let them in on the plan to fight for freedom, this could change things. So far, Dwight has only given up information, so this would mean making a decision to change their world.

In order for this to happen, Dwight would need to convince everyone in a very discreet manner. At this point, however, it’s odd that Dwight doesn’t simply turn on Negan and take down the others in the room.

As the heat grows on Dwight, he may make some more drastic decisions. If, on the other hand, he sides with Eugene, these two could also end the war. For Eugene and Dwight, this would mean making some brave and drastic choices.

Do you think Dwight or Eugene could convince the workers to join Rick Grimes?

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