(COMIC SPOILER) Trouble Is Coming For Rick Grimes… Could This Happen?


Discrepancies With AMC And Kirkman’s Comic

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Image

There have been some major discrepancies between The Walking Dead comic and the AMC series. For example, Daryl Dixon isn’t in the comic, Judith died with Lori back in the prison, and Rick lost his hand early in the comic book.

In “Best New Friends,” however, there was a crucifixion-like scene where Rick’s hand was stabbed by a pin-headed walker, who had a helmet skull that resembled Edward Scissorhands blade fingers.

There’s a possibility that these tetanus blades may take Rick’s hand.

Will AMC Take Rick’s Hand?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

If Rick’s hand were to get tetanus, or if he were to get infected by the walker virus, it’s possible that he may have to lose his hand. After all, Kirkman and the AMC crew already hinted at Rick taking Carl’s hand during Negan’s initial introduction.

Logistically, for Rick to have a missing hand, it would cost a great deal of additional time and effort to film every scene with that the leader would be in. When Merle lost his arm, they quickly made a metal blade to cover up the missing limb.

It’s unclear what will happen to Rick’s spiked hand, however…

Rick Is A Survivor

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Since Rick Grimes hasn’t lost his hand so far, it’s unlikely that he’ll lose it now. The scene showed Rick’s strengths and weaknesses all in an instant and also represented how he continues to be the savior of the group.

Winslow’s head didn’t look too unclear, despite that he was a blade-ridden walker living in a junkyard. In the near future, we’ll likely see Rick Grimes visiting Dr. Carson back at Hilltop to patch up his injured hand and leg.

Whatever happens to Rick, it’s clear he’ll do just about anything to survive.

Do you think AMC will ever take Rick Grimes’ hand?

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