Is Rick Grimes Taking The Blame For The Death Of Carl?


“You brought me here. You gave me a chance,” said Saddiq in the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead. During Carl Grimes long and tearful goodbye, there were a few key points that sound like Rick Grimes will blame himself for Carl’s death.

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At first, Rick wanted to point fingers at the Saviors for Carl’s predicament. But when the two started talking, Carl pulled out the letters for everyone. Michonne, broken by the image of Carl’s bite, slowly took the letters.

“No, it’s them. They don’t—It wasn’t—“ started Rick Grimes. But Carl made it clear it was a coincidence, adding he got bit with Saddiq.

Did Rick Grimes Unknowingly Get Carl Killed?

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The old Rick Grimes may have pointed fingers at Saddiq. The old Rick Grimes might have even killed Saddiq. But he’s trying to be someone else. With his son lying on a deathbed, he tried to listen to his final wishes.

There are two points in the story where Rick repeats Carl, noticing that this is the man he once ran off. Basically, if he hadn’t run off Saddiq, then Carl would not have had to go and look for him in the woods.

Because of Rick’s defensive action, Carl’s offensive action got him bit by a walker.

”There’s Got To Be Something After…”

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Despite Rick’s first thoughts, Carl tried to tell his father it was all somewhat meant to be. “Thank you for getting me here,” he said. Rick misunderstood, assuming he meant the church, but Carl actually just meant to this point in his life.

Carl hated the fact that it became easy for him to take another person’s life. In the past eight episodes, he’s the only person not involved in the war. Until Negan comes knocking on the gate, Carl Grimes is off trying to save Saddiq and his people.

“You brought those people in,” said Carl about Rick in the prison. “We were enemies. You put away your gun so I can change. So I can be who I am now. What you did. How you stopped fighting was right. It still is,” he added. “You can be like that again.”

Rick told his son, “I can’t be who I was…” But, Carl corrected his father, hoping he would end the war. “You can’t kill all of them. There’s got to be something after. For you. For them,” he concluded.

Do you think Rick Grimes can end the war for his son?

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