At The Beginning Of The Episode, King Ezekiel Did This (And He Couldn’t Stop…)


At the beginning of “Monster,” King Ezekiel is still smiling. Soon, we find out why as his troops take down a pack of Saviors. Later in the episode, however, this smile will start to fade.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“They probably have the numbers,” said Carol at the beginning of the episode. “We have a strategy.” With that, the King confirms and begins to give another speech to rally his troops in the woods.

The episode is non-linear, but the King’s goal is clear, “us or them,” with an emphasis on keeping all of his troops alive.

King Ezekiel Tries To Save Everyone

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Moments later, it looked like King Ezekiel has been surrounded. In fact, this is even the clip we saw from the Comic-Con trailer. Then, director Greg Nicotero once again cuts back to the speech.

The back-and-fourth is somewhat confusing, but it’s meant to showcase the power of his speech and the power of their plan. “We will lose not one of our ranks. We will lose not one of our ranks,” repeats King Ezekiel.

Now, Carol too smiles alongside the King.

”We Or They. One Or The Other…”

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

By the end of the episode, however, it’s a different story. Given that The Walking Dead Season 8 appears to be an 8-hour episode (the first half), every episode will likely end with a cliffhanger. This is great for binge audiences but nail-biting for those watching episodes week-to-week.

In the final scene of “Monster,” King Ezekiel smiles as his troops walk amongst the dead Saviors. “Everyone is accounted for, your Majesty,” reveals a Kingdommer to a relieved leader.

“Not one,” said the King. At this point, Carol is back to being business as usual. She tells the King it’s time to sweep the compound. Unfortunately, she’s a little too late. At that point, the King looks up to see their mistake.

At the top of the compound, there appears to be a sniper in the window. The King yells “Scatter!” but it’s too late. At least eight of his troops are killed in the final second of the episode.

Next week, the King will likely stop smiling quite as much.

Do you think there’s a chance Carol or Jerry got shot?


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