Everyone Is Asking This Question About Maggie And Jesus After The Latest Episode…


Moments after Maggie decides to let Gregory the coward inside; she’s given another tough choice. Jesus and Tara arrive with a few dozen Saviors. Gregory gives his unwanted two cents, but then she’s forced to make a big decision.

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“No offense Jesus, but I kind of agree with that prick,” said Tara. To begin the conversation, Maggie said, “There are families here. Children.” It’s quite possible she’s already counting Baby Rhee in this scenario.

Then, Jesus gives his ideas on the subject.

Jesus Talks To Maggie About Prisoners

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“There’s two empty trailers out back. We could lock them up in there with round-the-clock guards out back until this whole thing is over,” said Jesus. “Go from there,” he said, unsure of what to do next.

Without saying it explicitly, she tells Jesus to remember what they have done. Likely, she’s referring to many things but mainly her husband, Glenn. Again, he refers back to the fact that they surrendered.

Again, she’s unsure what that means at this point.

Making Difficult Decisions At Hilltop

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“We can’t let them go, and we can’t kill them,” he said once again. “We can’t.” Maggie looks into his eyes, but she doesn’t make a decision. At this point, she’s weighing her options and thinking of the past and future.

More than likely, she will want to speak with Rick Grimes and perhaps King Ezekiel about how to handle these prisoners. That will buy her some time, but they need to be contained in a way where they can’t risk an uprising.

This is when a place like the prison from Season 4 would come in handy. Keeping these Saviors in an abandoned camper is too dangerous. Morgan has built a jail cell, but it’s only large enough for a few people.

Given Rick Grimes dilemma in this same episode, it’s unclear what he would want to do as well. More than likely, Maggie will push Jesus’ ideas on to Rick Grimes and at least have an ongoing conversation.

Either way, it’s hard to imagine a scenario where Maggie gives the okay to execute.

Do you think Maggie would ever have these prisoners killed?

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