3The Weakest Link

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Poor Eugene. He started off as the savior of the entire world, only to be revealed as a sniveling con artist. After suffering multiple humiliations, he finally found a way to contribute. Then, just as the first fruit of his labor was put into use, he found himself taken prisoner by Negan. How will the weak-minded Eugene endure his time with the Saviors?

The first place to look when exploring a topic like this is The Walking Dead comic books. So that begs the next obvious question: was Eugene taken prisoner by Negan in the comics? The answer is yes, although it happened in a much different fashion. By the time Negan discovered Eugene’s bullet-making capabilities in the comics, Eugene had an entire team helping him crank out bullets by the dozens.

Negan takes them all back to the Sanctuary and demands that Eugene start making ammunition for the Saviors. When Eugene refuses, Negan threatens to iron his face, to castrate him, and to kill the other Alexandrians. Eugene stands his ground, telling Negan he will not cooperate, “no matter how many genitals you sever.”

Later, Dwight visits Eugene in his cell and tells him he plans to help him escape. Eugene doesn’t believe him and they’re overheard by Carson, another one of the Saviors. Thankfully, he too wants to take down Negan and vows to help. When Negan and Dwight are away attacking the Hilltop, Carson rescues Eugene and the rest of the ammunition team. With the assistance of two other Saviors (Mark and Amber, who you might remember from the TV episode, “Sing Me a Song”), they steal a van and escape.


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