Since the beginning of The Walking Dead series, there have been several instances where siblings have died or been forced to kill one another. With that in mind, what will happen to Carl and Judith this season?

Andrea’s Heartbreak

In the first season, Andrea’s sister Amy was bitten and turned right in front of her eyes. Walkers attacked the camp, where Shane began shooting as often as he could. This is also when Rick first finds the camp, along with his son and wife.

Andrea, looking over her sister, Amy, watches her slowly pass away. Muttering something along the lines of “Oh, Amy…” between sobs, she admits, “I don’t know what to do,” to her dying sister. Andrea is then forced to kill the walker that her sister turns into.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMCThe Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

The Siblings Curse Continues

Later, in the third season, Daryl is forced to kill his brother Merle under similar circumstances. Daryl makes his way through a herd of walkers who feast on what’s left of a few passing civilians. Amidst the chaos, a walker version of Merle rises up from his prey.

Daryl reloads his arrow as he makes eye contact with his former brother. Daryl breaks down at the site of his brother (now a famous meme) and stares into what once was. Merle stands, covered in blood, with his blade of an arm still in tact.

Then, Daryl pushes Merle away carefully at first, unable to take full action. Daryl gives another push. Then another. The scene ends once Daryl stabs his brother, dives on him and then stabs him repeatedly.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMCThe Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Remembering The Grove

Then, in an even more gruesome scene, we can’t forget about Lizzie and Mike Samuels. In Season 4, at “The Grove,” Carol, Tyreese, Mika, and Judith find a home along a pecan grove as they make their way to Terminus.

Carol and Tyreese leave Judith with the two sisters as they go forage for food. When they return, they find that Lizzie has killed Mika, with plans to also kill Judith. Lizzie had lost it at some point, and she also lost her life to Carol.

In addition, Beth, Tyreese and Aidan from Alexandria have also died within the show. With all of these sibling deaths, it would appear that only one member from each family will survive.

With all of these deaths, are Daryl and Rick now in danger, after admitting that they are considered “brothers?” It would seem that every major character who had a sibling, either literally blood related or simply figurative, had a death wish.

Carl and Judith Could Be Next

In fact, the only remaining siblings are Carl and Judith. Thus far, both Carl and Judith have been protected by various family members and friends. Carl has now survived several death attempts, including a shot to the face.

Plotwise, it would seem that he should make it a bit longer, given the fact that he just survived that shooting. Judith, on the other hand, has survived a bite herself and has the most protection, but is also obviously, the weakest of the group.

As Carl grows older and Judith begins to walk, their timelines may become more narrow. More than likely, the Grimes children will survive Season 7, but the sibling curse will likely catch up with them soon enough.

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