Will Gregory Join Eugene As A “Negan” Next Season?


Eugene’s Quick Turn To Neganism

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Last season, when given the opportunity, Eugene quickly folded any type of heroic tendency he may have built while traveling with Abraham and almost immediately became a “Negan…”

On the contrary, when Daryl Dixon (and Sasha) was given the opportunity to turn on his friends for his own benefit, it was clear there was no change that Daryl would ever give in, despite the rewards involved.

With that in mind, can we expect to see Gregory in the Sanctuary next season?

Will Gregory End Up In The Sanctuary?

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The last time that the Saviors invaded Hilltop, Gregory pulled Simon aside while he was also letting the Saviors take their only doctor. In a useless effort to save Dr. Carson, Gregory only ended up with an open invitation to visit the Sanctuary.

Based on his disappearance last season, it’s unclear where Gregory might have went but it’s certainly possibly that he took a journey to see Simon. After Gregory made it clear he had never even killed a walker, any little bit of respect that the Hilltoppers had for him quickly left and Maggie soon took over.

Perhaps he’ll find a place in the Sanctuary.

Gregory Is Only Out For Himself

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

When Eugene arrived on Negan’s turf, it was clear that they respected his ability to come up with an idea for making bullets from scratch. Negan gave him access to video games, women, food, pickles, and a bedroom.

In addition to the many “perks” of being a top-tier Savior, Eugene also saw some respect that he hasn’t seen since everyone believed him about why they were actually headed to Washington D.C. to fix the outbreak.

Like Eugene, Gregory is a coward out for his own good. In fact, he’s actually going to be worse than Eugene, because he doesn’t even have empathy for his fellow man. If Gregory is in the Sanctuary, it’s going to be bad news for everyone.

Do you think Gregory would help Negan defeat Rick and Maggie?

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