This Major “Tragedy” From The Comics Won’t Make It To The Show… Or Will It?


Wiltshire Estates Vital Comic, Overlooked AMC

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Image Comics

Way before Rick Grimes and company found Alexandria, there was another community in the comic known as Wiltshire Estates. Rick’s group found the community all the way back in Issue 8 from the comic.

So far, the walled-in neighborhood hasn’t been mentioned on AMC’s version of the undead universe. In the comic, like Alexandria, the neighborhood also seemed too good to be true.

In a world full of zombies, if things look too good to be true, it’s because they are…

The Group’s First Herd Attack

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit NEXT / AMC

Once the group settles down for the night, they discover that walkers overrun the area. This is one of Rick, and the gang’s first encounters with a herd and things do not go well for the group.

In the comic, a chain of events goes off. First, Donna dies, which causes Allen to lose the will to live. One of their twin sons loses it and kills his brother, but these are all events that likely won’t make it to television.

There are several reasons why we won’t see the Wiltshire Estates on AMC.

Why We Won’t See Wiltshire Estates…

Andrea Car | Photo Credit AMC

First of all, the Wiltshire Estates era was covered in snow. On the series, it rarely rains, and it always appears to be extremely hot. Part of this is because of the Georgia location, but they never even discuss winter.

Second, it’s possible that too much time has passed on the series. The small walker attack was a colossal event then, but it would be small now. Back in Season 1, no one knew how to handle the bloodthirsty walkers, but now they’re an afterthought.

Back in Wiltshire Estates, our heroes always tried to run from, rather than to a fight. At the time, it made more sense to just get away, especially against a herd of walkers in a tight spot. Now, Rick and Michonne could likely take them out in no time.

The only real possibility to see the Wiltshire Estates on television would be to showcase the small town on Fear the Walking Dead. Others believe it was referenced as Shirewilt or possibly the community Andrea once saw while driving with Shane.

Do you remember the tragedy that happened at the Wiltshire Estates?

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