BREAKING: We May Never See Heath Again After He Gets This News…

Corey Hawkins as Heath on AMCs The Walking Dead
Image Credit: AMC

Despite his busy schedule, Corey Hawkin’s character was able to join The Walking Dead for one episode this season. The question remains, though: will we ever see his character, Heath, again?

Last season, Heath disappeared with Tara on a two-week supply mission. Back in Alexandria, a lot happened in those two weeks. Tara’s girlfriend, Denise, was killed by Dwight. Carol and Morgan set off on their own and ended up at the Kingdom. Negan rounded up Rick and the others, and in a brutal fashion, he murdered Glenn and Abraham.

When we caught up with Tara and Heath in this season’s sixth episode, “Swear,” they were still on that supply mission. After a series of misadventures, Tara eventually returned to Alexandria alone. All she found of Heath were his glasses and a few tires tracks.

The issue of whether Heath can or will return all comes down to Corey Hawkins’ schedule. When he signed on to play Heath, he was a little-known actor. After playing Dr. Dre in last year’s hit film Straight Outta Compton, Hawkins became in-demand.

Hawkins was quickly signed to star in FOX’s new 24 reboot, minus Kiefer Sutherland. With his busy filming schedule, that one appearance was all Hawkins could afford so far. The good news is that 24: Legacy also films in the Atlanta area, so the possibility exists for Heath to return to the set of The Walking Dead.

“Listen, [The Walking Dead showrunner] Scott Gimple is a genius and master in how he’s been able to continue to craft the show,” Hawkins told Yahoo TV. “We’ve been in conversations about it.”

“We all joke about how there’s like a red [laser] dot that appears … like somehow, someone’s lurking in the closet, and as soon as you open your mouth about The Walking Dead, it’s like, ‘Uh-oh,’ you know?” Hawkins jokes. “I’ll just say that we’ve been in conversation about it, and how we could make this work. My obvious priority right now is [24: Legacy character] Eric Carter.”

Interestingly enough, Heath’s fate has become …

…a hot topic in The Walking Dead comic this week.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

He has continued to be a major player in Alexandria throughout the comic book, even in the current issues — until now. The newly released cover for The Walking Dead #165 shows Heath in serious jeopardy. It could be a fake-out, but things are looking grim for the character.

Still, the show was made a point of diverging from the comic book on multiple story points. Just because Heath has continued in the book doesn’t mean that he will continue on the show. Even if Corey Hawkins finds time to return to the show, it will most likely be for another one or two episodes, giving some closure to his character. Whether that means death or another more positive path, remains to be seen. 

What do you think happened to Heath? If Corey Hawkins returns, how should the show end his character’s storyline?


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