This [SPOILER] Consequence Of Rick And Daryl’s Fight Could Be Huge…


In the beginning of “The King, the Widow and Rick,” audiences learn that the three communities are communicating through letters. Rick learns of the hostages, Maggie learns about the deaths, but there’s also a group that includes Daryl Dixon going against the plan.

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First, Michonne wants to head out and see the Sanctuary on her own. Both Michonne and Rosita are supposed to be waiting in Alexandria as they heal. However, they both head out on a secret mission, despite their wounds.

Meanwhile, Daryl Dixon shows up on Tara’s doorstep with a plan of his own.

Daryl Dixon And Rick Grimes Disagree

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In the last episode, Daryl Dixon and Rick Grimes got in a fight for the first time in a long time. These two have been building tension based on their disagreement of how to treat those who surrender.

When they found dynamite, Daryl wanted to use it to blow a hole in the Sanctuary wall so the walkers could get in. Since Rick knew this could mean killing innocent workers, he decided not to go forward with this idea.

Rick won the small battle by accidentally tossing the dynamite into a fire, but Daryl is clearly moving forward despite this setback.

Will Daryl Dixon New Plan Stop Rick’s Plan?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“I was looking for you,” said Daryl Dixon on Tara’s doorstep. Since Daryl knows that Tara thinks like him (based on her response to Dwight), he assumes she will help with continue his plan to kill the Saviors.

“I was looking for you, too. I wanted to tell you that you were right when you didn’t kill Dwight. We wouldn’t have gotten this far without him. The thing is, I know what you said, but after this, I’m going to kill him. I want it to be me,” she said.

“Maybe it can be you and me both,” said Daryl Dixon. “Maybe we don’t gotta wait so long.” While it’s unclear of Daryl’s exact plan, it would appear that he’s going to drive a truck (or let it roll) into the side of the Sanctuary to create an opening.

This way, together, they could unleash a plan to kill all of the Saviors, including Dwight.

Will Daryl Dixon new attack cause a problem with Rick Grimes plan?

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