Here’s Who We Can Almost 100% Say The Next “Betrayal” Will Be…


For the past two seasons of The Walking Dead, audiences have known that Dwight has been planning to double-cross Negan. Likewise, Gregory has always been a character who might betray his people. But, who will be the next person to turn?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Betrayal is worse than choosing good or bad, as it means disappointing someone who depends on you. Rick Grimes has been hurt by Jadis (physically shot), Gregory (switched sides), and even Morales (chose wrong path).

But, who else might betray Rick Grimes this season on The Walking Dead?

Major Betrayals On The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

The next person who is most likely to betray their side is Eugene. For now, he’s on Negan’s side, but he’s the type of person to flip-flop to the safest side. Eugene is going to choose the side that benefits him the most.

When he was taken to the Sanctuary, he quickly decided that he too was Negan. In fact, his story was very similar to that of Morales. At a time when he needed to feel wanted the most, the Saviors picked him up.

But now, with the Saviors pointing fingers at him, he could switch back.

Questionable Characters May Switch Sides

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

The questionable characters at this point are surprisingly Daryl Dixon, Father Gabriel, and Morgan Jones. Each of these characters are behaving like wild cards, meaning they could take a turn for the worst.

With Morgan, he’s already picked a fight with Jesus. In their dialogue, Morgan even said that he felt like he was already a Savior. What he meant by this, of course, was that if they win the war, they’ll be just like the Saviors.

For Father Gabriel, he’s been heroic, but he had to slightly side with Negan in order to be this hero. He saved Rick Grimes from his own temptations and literally saved Gregory, but he eventually had to side with Negan to save himself.

Then, there’s Daryl Dixon. While we know Daryl will never switch sides and start working with Negan, he could start his own renegade army within Rick’s troops. If this happens, he could screw things up for Rick, even with good intentions.

Which character do you think will betray his people next on The Walking Dead?

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