This May Be How Carl Dies… [SPOILER]


This season on The Walking Dead, Carl Grimes has made it clear he’s no longer following the rules of his father. Instead, he’s using a variety of methods from both parents. But will these new morals actually get him killed?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Most recently, Carl Grimes’ morals revolve around helping out the new character, Saddiq. After Rick Grimes scared away a stranger at a gas station, Carl made it his mission to track down the man.

But, when the duo got together, it nearly cost Carl Grimes his life.

Carl Grimes Has Three Questions For You

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

As far as we know, it looks like Saddiq is going to be one of the good guys. But while trying to honor his parents’ beliefs, Carl and Saddiq are both nearly killed when they try to take down half a dozen zombies alone.

Saddiq’s mother believed that killing the walkers set their souls free, so that’s what he’s now trying to do. In order to build trust between the two, Carl Grimes decided to help his new friend complete this mission.

While taking down the first few walkers, more arrived on the scene.

Morals, Near-Deaths, And Newbies 

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In the end, Carl Grimes was able to get out his gun and kill the final two walkers that almost killed him. Meanwhile, Saddiq had killed the other walkers in the area and now the two appeared to be in the clear.

What’s most important about this scene is that Carl Grimes now feels responsible for Saddiq. Not only does his risk his life just to become friends with this new character, but he takes responsibility.

In the next episode, it’s likely we’ll see Carl Grimes take Saddiq back to Alexandria. There, he will have the real trouble bringing in an outsider. Everyone, including Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon, will believe this man is trouble.

While this scenario ended up okay for Carl, it could lead to trouble in the future. If the boy continues to look for new people, it could cost him his life. Perhaps Aaron or Jesus can give him some advice on choosing who to trust.

Do you think Carl will get himself killed searching for newcomers?


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