Will Carl Grimes Follow His Comic Storyline and Fight Negan?


Deviating once again from the comic book version, the episode called “Go Getters” ends with Carl hiding in a truck, potentially headed to Negan’s headquarters (most similar to issue 104 of the Robert Kirkman series). If this season tracks back toward the comic script, it will mean a growth spurt for Carl Grimes.

At the end of “Go Getters,” Carl and Enid share a moment outside of Hilltop, while the Saviors are making their weekly visit. The young duo finally kiss after a long delay, and then Carl decides to stow away in one of the Savior trucks. We find this out when Jesus (Tom Payne), on recognizance for Sashsa (Sonequa Martin), also jumps into the vehicle.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Image Comics
The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Image Comics

Carl on The Walking Dead

In the comic, Carl hid in one of the trucks as well, but Jesus is new to this storyline. Most likely, we’ll see some sort of conversation between these two in the next episode. Either way, Carl is only there to kill Negan, though he’s outmatched by hundreds of men.

In issue 105, Carl (around age 9), kills several Saviors with Abraham’s assault rifle before Dwight stops him. Ironically, Negan isn’t upset, but looks for courage in the boy. After Carl’s last stance with Negan in the Alexandria gun room, it’s difficult to say how this could play out on television. In the comic, Negan returns Carl to Rick, which leads to the “March to War” event.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC
The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Carl and Daryl as Hostages

While Carl was considered a hostage, he hasn’t felt punishment in the way we’ve seen Daryl punished. Carl’s captivity is more of a mentor-protégé relationship with Negan, despite the youngling’s want or need to kill the leader of the Saviors.

All in all, with all of the small changes occurring (Jesus and Daryl), it’s difficult to say what will happen next for Carl Grimes on The Walking Dead. There is a chance that Jesus will talk him out of these actions, and the two can simply escape the vehicle before they are discovered, or make any other moves.

On the other hand, Carl could kill several Saviors like he does in the comic. But if he does, how will the AMC version of Negan respond?

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