BREAKING: Andrew Lincoln May Actually Star In A New Movie… But It’s Not What You Think…


Love Actually Director Reuniting Cast

Andrew Lincoln | Photo Credit Love, Actually

After fourteen years, there is talk that director Richard Curtis will reunite the cast of Love Actually for U.K.’s Red Nose Day (March 24th U.K., May 25th USA on NBC). Andrew Lincoln plans to join the celebration.

Entertainment Weekly sat down with Andrew Lincoln after the premier of The Walking Dead when Rick fought Winslow. “Richard got in touch about a month ago and mentioned he had something in mind,” confirmed Lincoln.

Lincoln had to work with the director to find a suitable date for the reunion.

Lincoln Talks “Mini Revival”

Andrew Lincoln | Photo Credit Love, Actually

The Walking Dead star has an international tour scheduled to promote the series in America and overseas. Lincoln said they found a limited window of time where they could get together for “this little mini-revival.”

Lincoln’s famous scene in the first film happened between his character and Kiera Knightly’s Juliet. “It’s fun and going to be really great to see everyone again. It’s very exciting. It’s a very cool thing,” said the actor.

The revival will also include some what-ifs and character breakdowns.

Mark And Juliet’s Love Life

Andrew Lincoln | Photo Credit Love, Actually

“No spoilers,” said Lincoln, when asked if his character Mark and Knightly’s character Juliet ever got together. The scene involves Mark holding cue cards to tell his best friend’s new bride how much he loved her.

For many, it was the first time they ever saw Andrew Lincoln on camera. Many Walking Dead fans likely didn’t recognize the future zombie slayer with short hair, his true British accent, no beard, and not covered in zombie guts.

While Love Actually 2 doesn’t currently seem like a possibility, it’s possible fans will get to hear what the actors think about their characters down the road. Perhaps Mark and Juliet will get together in the end.

What do you think of this film reunion?

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