Why Didn’t Daryl Dixon Kill Dwight In The Jail Cell?


Dwight Arrives To Join Rick Grimes

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In between glimpses of Sasha’s fate, The Walking Dead finale cut back to show Dwight pleading with Rick and Daryl. “Look at me,” said Rick Grimes, with a gun in Dwight’s face. Rick’s only question is “Why?!”

Dwight then reveals that he wants Negan dead. This, as we know, is because he no longer has to fight for his former wife. Dwight’s ready for this to be over and without his wife, he’s got to reason to work with Negan.

“That girl you murdered… She had a name,” said Tara.

Dwight Apologizes To Daryl (And Tara)

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Rosita, Tara, Daryl and Rick are giving Dwight the death stare, but Daryl manages to keep his cool for the first few interactions within this scene. After Dwight responds, “I wasn’t aiming for her (Denise),” Daryl springs into action.

It’s unclear what keeps Daryl from killing Dwight right then and there. In the previous episode, we see the others stop him, but now he’s on his own. Tara even eggs him on to go ahead and knife Dwight.

“You go ahead,” said Dwight. “I’m sorry.”

Can Dwight Really Be Trusted?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Perhaps Dwight’s acceptance is what stops Daryl from killing him. “What I did, I was doing for someone else,” confirmed Dwight after Michonne reveals that they cannot afford to trust him.

The dilemma here is that Negan could have sent Dwight to test Rick. This is before the war, so we’re not aware of Jadis’ betrayal at this point. Dwight then reminds Daryl that his former wife is the reason Daryl is now free.

“You knew me then and you know me now,” said Dwight. “You know I’m not lying.” At this point, despite Tara’s taunts, Daryl lowers his gun. Then, Rosita reveals that they have Sasha, “…if she’s even alive.”

Essentially, they have no choice but to trust Dwight at this point. Killing him could mean that the Saviors kill Sasha, or Eugene if Dwight’s lying.

Do you think Daryl and Dwight will ever be able to work together?

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