Shocking Number Of Fans Boycott Walking Dead After One New Scene… AMC Panicking


Here’s How The Walking Dead Killed Their Fans

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Based on an article in The Verge, Twitter fans of The Walking Dead are leaving the show in record numbers since the deaths of Glenn and Abraham. Since Negan’s Lucile made it on camera, some other issues have come up as well.

The ratings dropped to an all-time low since Season 3 and these numbers can sometimes represent the cancellation of a series. The main issue around the departures revolves around the gore on the show.

This is why we see less violence on the show, such as the editing of Fat Joey’s death and even when Rick decapitated Winslow, it wasn’t shown.

More Shock Than Story?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

For the most part, the creators are listening to fans, but many fans have already left the show and vowed not to return. It’s not just because their favorite characters are being killed off; it’s because of the way they show the new stories.

Theoretically, if fans left because they killed off leads, there would be no one left to watch Game of Thrones. Fans are leaving The Walking Dead because they believe the creators are more interested in shock value than the storyline.

This is true of Glenn’s fake dumpster death and all of Negan’s kills.

Drawing The Line Before “Torture Porn.”

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In some ways, The Walking Dead has to walk the line between following the comic storylines and creating new content. So they have some fans who want to see the comic brought to life and others who want to see something different.

Some fans blame new showrunner, Scott Gimple, claiming that he took an emotionally charged show about zombies and made it torture porn. This started in Season 6 when the gang was trying to escape Negan’s men, but it’s a question of manipulating the audience or feeling scared with them?

Regardless of how each fan feels about the show, the second half of Season 7 seems to be an improvement. Perhaps these Tweeters who left a show about zombies because of too much violence were just fair weather fans.

Do you still love The Walking Dead?

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  • Antonio Beardall

    Oh people need to stop bitching.

  • Sara Smith

    If ppl were a true fan it wouldn’t matter who dies or what not, yea its heartbreaking but then it wouldn’t b a show if ppl we have grown fond of doesn’t die. It happens an its an apocalypse so of course there will b violence and gore.

  • Trena George

    If ri

  • Trena George

    If Rick dies I’m gone

  • Bella Ellan BrisBois

    A true fan isnt going ro leave because of someone being killed off, bumbed yeah but stop watcbing… nope not a real fan. The first problem, first the season is so short. It’s like the season begins and just as it starts to get food it’s season break? Wth is That? Season break… SMDH then it starts back up and is not only 6 or 8 weeks but it drags it out. It seems like this series has the shortest seasons and most breaks but can’t seem to create more story line and shows? I have been a true loyal watcher since episode 1 and it just seems they ‘re putting in shows no one is interested in seeing and less of the story we are following… really wish they would make their season a little bit longer and less draging.. for instance did it really need to take 5 wks to pull all the group’s together. Now they aren’t going to show what they achieve till next season ? kin of sucks…

  • Jazzie Encarnacion

    Honestly, if people are worried about there being “too much gore” they don’t need to be watching in the first place. I mean, come on people IT’S A FRIGGIN APOCALYPSE!!! ANYTHING GOES!!! There should actually be MORE than what they’re showing. There aren’t any laws to break or rules to follow, everything’s gone! There should be a lot more fighting happening, more walkers, more bad people trying to take over more good trying to find other good ANYTHING GOES. Game of Thrones has more gore than any other show and yet you don’t hear those fans saying anything. Come on, get a grip and grow a set.

  • I’m always amazed at the really gory scenes, because I know it’s just a show and I think about all the work that went into making it look so real. Come on people, it’s just a show.

  • Wade Brandenburg

    Sorry if they stop watching they weren’t a fan to begin with. And it’s on late so there are less chance for kids to see it, And in my opinion needs more gore your talking about dead people walking around eating people. The hell with the pc people get a life let us true fans enjoy our show.

  • Anonymous

    Put the show on HBO and then let the show get WILD!

  • Neva Oswald

    I just wish they would show the whole season, not break it up into halves.

  • BRENDA Houskeeper Dansie

    If you are a true fan, you wouldn,t keep complaining about the show, if you don,t like it , simply stop watching it, quit trying to tell everyone else how stupid you believe it to be. Stop ruining it for those of us who are true Zombie fans, and love the show and the cast.

  • Anonymous

    If I leave it will be becouse they keep killing of the leads. They have killed off to many members of Ricks team. The show will loos a lot if they kill off any more of them. We need Daryl. I don’t watch the game of thrones . I did at first but not now.

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