Shocking Number Of Fans Boycott Walking Dead After One New Scene… AMC Panicking


Here’s How The Walking Dead Killed Their Fans

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Based on an article in The Verge, Twitter fans of The Walking Dead are leaving the show in record numbers since the deaths of Glenn and Abraham. Since Negan’s Lucile made it on camera, some other issues have come up as well.

The ratings dropped to an all-time low since Season 3 and these numbers can sometimes represent the cancellation of a series. The main issue around the departures revolves around the gore on the show.

This is why we see less violence on the show, such as the editing of Fat Joey’s death and even when Rick decapitated Winslow, it wasn’t shown.

More Shock Than Story?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

For the most part, the creators are listening to fans, but many fans have already left the show and vowed not to return. It’s not just because their favorite characters are being killed off; it’s because of the way they show the new stories.

Theoretically, if fans left because they killed off leads, there would be no one left to watch Game of Thrones. Fans are leaving The Walking Dead because they believe the creators are more interested in shock value than the storyline.

This is true of Glenn’s fake dumpster death and all of Negan’s kills.

Drawing The Line Before “Torture Porn.”

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In some ways, The Walking Dead has to walk the line between following the comic storylines and creating new content. So they have some fans who want to see the comic brought to life and others who want to see something different.

Some fans blame new showrunner, Scott Gimple, claiming that he took an emotionally charged show about zombies and made it torture porn. This started in Season 6 when the gang was trying to escape Negan’s men, but it’s a question of manipulating the audience or feeling scared with them?

Regardless of how each fan feels about the show, the second half of Season 7 seems to be an improvement. Perhaps these Tweeters who left a show about zombies because of too much violence were just fair weather fans.

Do you still love The Walking Dead?

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