Where Else Have You Seen The Walking Dead’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan?


Never before has one single character had such a big impact on The Walking Dead. When Negan burst onto the scene in the Season 6 finale, he left fans everywhere talking. Now it’s clear he’ll continue to be the topic of discussion as Season 7 unfolds, as well. Of course, for comic book fans, that should come as no surprise. Negan is the biggest threat ever faced by Rick and his group in the pages of The Walking Dead.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan almost seems as if he was born to play the role. He has the unique ability to be both charmingly handsome and devilishly evil at the same time. So where did The Walking Dead producers find Morgan? Chances are, if you’ve watched television at all in the last 20 years, you’ve seen him at least once. Morgan’s had a few big screen appearances, as well, but he’s mainly known for his television work.

Here’s a look at some of his most recognizable past roles:

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Lauren Cohen and Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Martha and Thomas Wayne in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice
Image Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Technically, this is more of a cameo than anything. It’s worth mentioning though because of who Morgan co-stars with. In a brief role, Morgan plays Thomas Wayne, father of Bruce Wayne, aka Batman.

It’s a scene that’s been filmed many times before: Thomas and Martha Wayne are returning home from the theater with their son Bruce when they’re both mugged and murdered. Thus, young Bruce is inspired to grow up and fight crime as Batman.

Morgan’s co-star, though, is none other than The Walking Dead’s Lauren Cohen as Martha Wayne. Ironic, no?


The reason Morgan likely got that cameo appearance in Batman v Superman is due to his relationship with director Zack Snyder. That relationship began with the 2009 film, Watchmen. Morgan played the pivotal role of the violent anti-hero, The Comedian.

Between Watchmen, Batman v Superman, and now The Walking Dead, Morgan is racking up a lot of comic book roles.

The Good Wife

Jeffrey Dean Morgan was a regular cast member on the seventh and final season of CBS’ The Good Wife. Morgan played Jason Crouse, a freelance investigator.

Magic City

For two seasons, Morgan starred in this period drama for the Starz network. Created by legendary writer Mitch Glazner, it was set in 1959 Miami. Morgan played Ike Evans, the owner of Miami’s premier hotel, The Miramar Playa. The series chronicles Ike’s unfortunate dealings with the Miami mob. A movie follow-up is supposedly in the works.

Grey’s Anatomy

Morgan had a recurring role on this long-running ABC medical drama. He played Denny Duquette, a heart-transplant patient. He has a complicated relationship with Izzie Stevens, played by Katherine Heigl, appearing even after his character dies.


Although it’s long since moved on, Supernatural was originally very focused on the father of Sam and Dean Winchester. Morgan played John Winchester in only 12 episodes of Supernatural, but his character had a lasting impact for many seasons.

That’s just a small taste of the many roles Jeffrey Dean Morgan has played. For much, much more, check out his full filmography on IMDB.com.

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