We Finally May Have A Clue About When Carol Will Reunite With The Group… It’s [SPOILER]


Carol’s Approaching (And Necessary) Reunion

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Everyone remains spread out on The Walking Dead, but it certainly looks like we’re about to see every character on the battlefield, in one way or another. One of the most anticipated reunions will be when Carol finally connects with the group.

Presently, Maggie is at Hilltop and Daryl may or may not still be with her. Rick is living at Alexandria but mainly scavenging for guns, ammo and troops. Carol has just made her way back to the Kingdom, having traded spots with Morgan.

In the next two episodes, we definitely need to see Carol back with the gang.

Carol Prepares For Battle


The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC


In “Bury Me Here,” it looked like Carol had moved back into her violent state, where she’ll soon start preparing for battle. She easily and resourcefully took out five walkers on her way to see Morgan.

Hopefully, she’s found enough peace that she’ll be able to prepare for battle, while also making it out of the upcoming war alive. Despite having missed Rick’s first arrival to the Kingdom, she should reconnect very soon.

Maggie And Carol’s Reunion

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Carol wasn’t super close with Glenn, but she did get caught up with Maggie and the Saviors when this whole mess started. She was trying to find peace when the first group of saviors captured her and Maggie.

After she escaped, she went off on her own and got shot and left for dead. Luckily, Morgan found her before she was attacked by walkers and her time in the Kingdom allowed her some time to heal.

Since Carol, Rick, Daryl, and Maggie are still separated from one another, they’ll need to unite, come up with a plan to defeat Negan, and then execute that plan. After Sasha’s initial attack, however, they’ll need to start sooner rather than later.

Do you think we’ll see all of these characters unite in the next two episodes?

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