Here’s What You Didn’t Know About The Walker Stalker Cruise (That Will Make You Want To Go..)


Day One: Walker Stalker Cruise

Walker Stalker Con | Photo Credit Website

The Walker Stalker Cruise takes place on a 965-foot cruise ship over the span of four days. Guests are invited to pack their bags for a stay in the stateroom, which likely includes a balcony, bathroom, and a double bed.

After a quick safety meeting and a stop at the cocktail bar, guests can start to interact with cast and crew. In 2017, there were ten guests from the series, including Norman Reedus, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Chandler Riggs, and Greg Nicotero.

At 5 pm, the autographs began and then Q&A. Beyond the Walking Dead activities, the cruise also offers Trivia, a health spa, casino, cinema, restaurants, and bowling.

Day Two: Walker Stalker Cruise

Walker Stalker Con | Photo Credit Website

The second day is even busier than the first. Guests start out by grabbing a buffet breakfast and coffee. Then, they head to get a professional photo made with a cast member from The Walking Dead.

Throughout the day, there are hour-long panels, podcast interviews being recorded, a belly flop competition, Cosplay contests, zombie make up contest (judged by Nicotero himself), and even a pub crawl.

Saturday ended with “Dirty Bingo,” led by Aaron actor Ross Marquand.

Day Three: Walker Stalker Cruise

Walker Stalker Con | Photo Credit Website

Besides fighting a hangover on Day Three, guests get to spend the day on a private island. The Great Stirrup Cay in the Bahamas features white sandy beaches and warm aquamarine shallows where guests play with “Hershel’s head” as a beach ball… (too soon?)

Last year, the Super Bowl was on during the cruise. For Dead fans, Sunday also held another autograph session, more interviews, and various other interactions. The cast loves interacting with fans in this party-like atmosphere.

The cast and crew understand why the show grows and it’s not because they look at it as a business. Instead, they look at these events as the best ways to connect with fans. They take feedback and incorporate into the show, games or comics.

After another night of partying, the cruise finally heads back. On Day Four, the ship docked back in Miami. Guests are invited to have breakfast before they exit.

Have you booked your tickets for the 2018 Walker Stalker Cruise?

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