What’s Next For Rick Grimes On The Walking Dead?

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Steve Ogg Says TWD Will “Thin The Herd”

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Actor Steven Ogg has recently announced that Season 8 will “thin the herd” when The Walking Dead returns. This means more major characters are going to die as Negan and Rick’s war gets up and running.

Some predictions we have may include Shiva the Tiger, Aaron’s boyfriend Eric, and lots of side characters that will bite the dust. So far, the main characters are believed to be safe, but no one is really safe on The Walking Dead.

So what’s going to happen to our fearless leader, Rick Grimes?

Greg Nicotero Talks Season 8 TWD

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Christian Post writes:

“Many of the remaining main characters have been around for a really long while, so seeing one or some of them bite the dust will definitely sting fans who have stuck with the show since the beginning.”

“Meanwhile, The Walking Dead executive producer and director Greg Nicotero teased to TV Guide that Rick will be central in Season 8: “ We start episode 801 on a close-up of Rick Grimes, and we really get a sense that he’s driving our story, not Negan.”

“He also teased that The Walking Dead Season 8 premiere will feature Easter eggs for fans of the show: “In multiple viewings, you’ll definitely pick up a few things that we put in there that harken back to earlier episodes.”

Rick’s Partnership With Dwight

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When the show returns in October, one of the most interesting factors is how Dwight and Eugene may or may not work with Rick Grimes. Dwight has come out to say he wants to take down Negan and it’s likely Eugene will return to the good guys as soon as he realizes he’s on a sinking ship.

Based on the Season 8 trailer, we expect for Rick’s group to strike first against the Saviors, but Negan likely has a few tricks up his sleeve.

What do you think Rick is going to do in the premiere episode?

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