What Would You Do If Negan Put You In This Position?


Truthfully, Are You More Like Eugene Or Daryl?

Negan seems nicer than he is, in a very Negan sort-of-way. When someone breaks into his home and kills two of his people, he sees this as an opportunity. His very own, super-violent game of Red Rover.

First, Daryl took a swing at him, so he tried to convert him to the dark side. Carl killed several of his people, so he gave him a tour of the grounds. Sasha killed a few of his minions, so he offered her a spot in the line-up.

Daryl said no. Eugene said yes. Sasha said yes, but lied. What would you do?

Josh McDermitt Agrees With Eugene

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

When Simon offered Dr. Carson the chance for free ice cream, many fans joked on Twitter that they would immediately jump on the Negan bandwagon. Based on Eugene’s logic, it does seem like the safest place to be.

For actor Josh McDermitt, he liked that Eugene had agreed so quickly. “I screamed, “Yes!” and then I thought, “Oh, crap. I hope the fans still like Eugene.” [Laughs] I feel like I just cleared the hurdle after catching a lot of flak for Eugene lying about having a cure and now all of a sudden, he’s hanging out with Negan… So, now I’m wondering what the reaction will be here. Everyone seems to love Jeffrey Dean Morgan and his portrayal of Negan. Negan is a vicious and vile human, but people have been able to separate that from Jeff because Jeff’s a great guy. I’m hoping people don’t come after me!”

Then, there’s Daryl.

Daryl And Sasha Won’t Break…

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Daryl Dixon is the type of guy that would never break. It doesn’t matter about the perks or his own safety, he’s found his loyalty within his new brother, Rick Grimes, and this imaginary blood is certainly thicker than water.

Sasha seems to be more like Daryl than Eugene, but it does seem like Eugene is playing the more intelligent, long game. If anyone has a chance to kill Negan, it might be Eugene, because he was so quick to jump on board.

It’s doubtful that he could kill Negan, if the two were to fight, for example, but he’s certainly in a position to outsmart Negan if he gets the chance.

Do you think you would act like Daryl, Sasha, or Eugene if given the chance?

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