What Can Morgan’s Book Teach Rick Grimes In Walking Dead Season 9?


Morgan Jones has been a vital character on AMC’s The Walking Dead since the very beginning. He literally told Rick Grimes how the new world worked and he’s continued to be a powerful force of good for eight seasons. But, with Morgan gone, we’re wondering if his book can help our heroes in The Walking Dead Season 9.

Fear the Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

When Morgan went over to Fear the Walking Dead, he was once again hoping to go off on his own and survive alone. Again, this didn’t work out for him. Instead, he found John Dory and eventually the rest of the Fear crew. While speaking with Nick, our hero encouraged the Fear star to read The Art of Peace.

The book came from Eastman, which is where Morgan learned the way of Aikido. In addition, Morgan’s methods are becoming more important for both shows, considering that Rick Grimes wants to move towards his dead son’s vision of the future.

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