Weird TWD Character Mash-Ups Creepier Than Herd Of Walkers…

By Brock Swinson | Monday Monday Staff -    2017-08-23

Graphic Artists Smashes TWD Characters

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Jimmy Positer

Graphic artist Jimmy Positer has decided he wanted to see some odd mash-ups with the various characters from The Walking Dead. This includes a zombie-Rick, but it also shows Car-Shel, T-Dog Nixon, Lo-rle, and Mag-Len…

Carl Grimes And Hershel Greene

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Jimmy Positer

This is a pretty unusual mash-up. Here, we see Hershel Greene and Carl Grimes in a mash-up. We haven’t seen Hershel since the prison scene where the Governor beheaded him in front of everyone. 

Let’s see who else has been mixed and matched…

Glenn And Maggie Greene

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Jimmy Positer

Hopefully, Baby Rhee looks a little better than this. Maggie and Glenn’s mash-up is pretty unusual. It looks like it’s most Glenn Rhee in the face, mixed with Maggie’s hair and body.

Lori Grimes And Merle Dixon

In perhaps the oddest mix yet, Lori and Merle Dixon have been combined to become the same person. Both of these characters have died and they didn’t have very much in common, other than the fact that both once betrayed Rick Grimes. 

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Jimmy Positer

T-Dog And Daryl Dixon

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Jimmy Positer

Finally, there’s T-Dog and Daryl Dixon. This one probably looks the most like an actual person. It appears that the frame is Daryl and so are the eyes. Perhaps the lower portion of the face and skin are T-Dog. 

Comic Book writes:

“A batch of photos titled, “Walking Dead Freaks,” from graphic artist Jimmy Postier was released online, showcasing what some characters might look like if they were mashed into one. Among those characters is a Rick Grimes with half of a face looking like a zombie, a product of Carol and Daryl mashed together, and a Lori and Carl combination.”

What do you think of these crazy combos?

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