WATCH: Negan And Maggie Actors Play Bruce Wayne’s Parents In This DC Movie…


Despite some unflattering reviews, Zack Snyder’s Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice was certainly one of 2016’s biggest films.

Amidst the CGI action, two things snuck by several fans of the franchise.

Batman V Superman | Photo Credit DC

First, no one really caught on to the fact that both Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent had mothers with the first name, Martha. David S. Goyer was likely pretty pleased with himself when he made that discovery that was essential to the film.

Next, since Jeffrey Dean Morgan was not yet Negan on The Walking Dead, it’s likely not too many people realized that he played Bruce Wayne’s father in the movie, while Lauren Cohan, a.k.a. Maggie on The Walking Dead played Martha Wayne…

Lauren Cohan Talks Coincidental Casting

“It was so random. This was before he was cast as Negan because we shot the film almost two years ago,” said Lauren Cohan, when thinking back on the role. “We knew it would be crazy, too.”

Once he was cast, he came out to the set and we were just laughing because the context of which we worked together last time and then the context of this just couldn’t be more different,” said the actress.

Maggie And Negan, Together?

Lauren Cohan | Photo Credit Batman V Superman

NY Daily News writes:

“Maggie can’t die on “The Walking Dead” because she has to marry Negan and give birth to Batman first. Yes, we know that sounds insane… but it’s true. The pair became mortal enemies after Negan brutally bashed Glen’s head in with Lucille, but a peek into another world, namely Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, hints at their future reconciliation.”

“The actors behind the slayers of the undead, Lauren Cohan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan each popped up in the DC superhero film as Martha and Thomas Wayne, the late parents of Batman.”

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