WATCH: FanMade Emotional Video Showcases Transformation Of Rick Grimes

By Brock Swinson | Monday Monday Staff -    2017-08-31

Rick Grimes has changed a lot over the years. Based on the new Season 8 trailer, which shows Old Man Rick, a fan decided to piece together footage from the past eight years of Sheriff Rick to Rick the leader of the new world. Rick starts out killing the young girl zombie and then tells a young Daryl Dixon, “We don’t kill the living.” 

From there, we see the group first escape the CDC in Atlanta and then not long after, young Carl Grimes gets shot.

Soon, Rick takes off the Sheriff’s uniforms and starts to change.

Comic Book writes:

“As the nearly 11-minute edit plays out, Rick loses touch of such a mantra in favor of his own survival and protecting those around him. Of course, the revelation of Lori’s involvement with Shane, Carl getting shot, and Sophia walking out of the barn as a zombie are all major players in the shaping who Rick has become.”

“In more recent sequences included in the edit, Rick is belittled by Negan and the Saviors. He will, however, rally the community and become the leader this community knows — the man who will lock a prisoner outside among the dead and give only advice of, “You better run.”

“The same man who will literally take a bite out of someone’s neck to save his son. “These people are my family,” Rick said. “If what you’re hiding hurts them, in anyway, I’ll kill you.”

What’s Next For Our Zombie-Slaying Hero?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In the end, Rick Grimes has killed a lot of people and his character has changed a great deal over the series. It’s also interesting to see young Carl Grimes grow up on the show, both in real life and as a character.

This glimpse into Rick’s life also hints at what is next to come. When the series returns, Rick will fight Negan next.

Do you think Rick will ever kill Negan on the AMC series?

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