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Do The Whisperers Surface This Season?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Whenever a new group of walkers arrive, fans automatically think that the Whisperers are right around the corner. In the comic, the Whisperers come around after Negan and are actually people that wear walker skin to hide amongst the dead.

In “Say Yes,” Rick and Michonne meet a new group of stumbling walkers and it looks like the Whisperers may be involved. Something happened where the military was involved and no one else has stumbled upon this new territory.

Something unknown happened in this schoolyard.

Greg Nicotero On “Say Yes” Episode

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Comic Book spoke with Greg Nicotero to see if they could get a backstory to the new setting on The Walking Dead. The crew is known for creating a story within a story by only using the setting.

“I think it’s safe for us to say that there are a lot of people that have been taken prisoner throughout the apocalypse,” said Nicotero. “And this particular place, I think that it was taken much earlier in the apocalypse, so a lot of the walkers and a lot of the zombies have been there for quite a while.”

This doesn’t mean that the Whisperers aren’t going to show up early though.

When Will The Whisperers Arrive?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Showrunner Scott Gimple said, “It’s not impossible that the Whisperers could come along or aspects of them could come along earlier than the timeline of the book, but certainly not this early,” referring to Season 7A.

The Whisperers work differently than any group we’ve seen so far and they’re actually even worse than Negan. More than likely, we’ll see the rise and fall of Negan on the series about the time the Whisperers arrive.

The Whisperers are a group of savages that obey an Alpha. They wear the skin of walkers and keep their conversations to a whisper so they can blend into the dead herds that now rule the earth.

Do you think we’ll see the Whisperers before Season 8?

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