This One Detail You Didn’t Know About Jesus Changes Everything You Thought You Knew


Jesus Is The Ultimate Ninja Warrior

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

When Paul Monroe (a.k.a. Jesus) arrives on the set of The Walking Dead, he can’t be trusted. He seems to be deceptive, but he’s also just so quick, agile, and badass that he’s almost too much for Rick and Daryl on their supply run.

In the comic, he first arrived as a spy to learn about Alexandria. He can move among their barriers to learn more info with ease. On the series, he even shows up in Rick and Michonne’s bedroom at an embarrassing time.

In the comic, he even got the best of Michonne and Abraham, taking one of them hostage. He’s the ultimate hero for a secret mission.

Carl Grimes Gets The Best Of Jesus…

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

When Carl Grimes loaded up on one of Negan’s trucks, Jesus Monroe also made his way into the truck. Monroe did his best to talk Carl into aborting the mission, but Carl tricked Monroe by asking for him to roll first.

He jumped out of the vehicle, slowly rolled, and then hid without being seen. This is yet another skill that’s quite impressive, despite the fact that Carl Grimes did trick the ultimate trickster.

Then, when the Saviors let walkers into Hilltop, Maggie and Monroe took them out. The Saviors plan backfired, seeing as they were trying to show their value as protectors.

Hand-to-hand Combat And Beyond…

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Image Comics

In the comic, Jesus gets a little more prominent after the war. He changes from being an agile ninja to more of a warrior. In the comic, he even knocks down Negan with a kick to the jaw and has several other hand-to-hand combat moments.

“Hand-to-hand combat is his real skillset,” writes Total Film about comic Jesus. “It’s one that has become extremely handy when, on several occasions, he’s helped Rick escape a sticky situation.”

One time, in the comic, Kal chucked a spear at Jesus’ head, and he’s so fast that he caught the spear and then snapped it in two! If AMC’s version of Jesus continues down this path, we’re going to see a lot more out of this iconic character.

What do you like most about Paul Monroe, a.k.a. Jesus of Hilltop?

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