The Walking Dead’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan to Star in Solace with Anthony Hopkins and Colin Ferrell


Negan on The Walking Dead, is on the tip of everyone’s tongue this season. He’s brutally killed two main characters and put Rick into a very submissive leadership position since the premier.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays Negan, is no stranger to cable television. He’s performed on ER, JAG, CSI, Star Trek: Enterprise, Monk, Supernatural, Grey’s Anayomy, and starred in Magic City and The Good Wife.

Solace Move | Photo Credit Eden Rock Media
Solace Move | Photo Credit Eden Rock Media

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Before The Walking Dead

While Negan on The Walking Dead may end up being Morgan’s most iconic role, he’s also starred in Watchmen, Losers, and P.S. I Love You, with an upcoming movie called Solace, set to hit theaters this holiday season.

Written by Oceans 11 writer Ted Griffin, Solace follows a psychic (Anthony Hopkins) who works with the FBI (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) to track down a serial killer (Colin Ferrell).

Solace Move | Photo Credit Eden Rock Media
Solace Move | Photo Credit Eden Rock Media

Solace with Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Anthony Hopkins

The story puts a new twist on the detective genre. Anthony Hopkins’ character John Clancy, has been in isolation for years since the death of his daughter. Clancy’s friend Joe, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, is asking him to come out of isolation to help find a killer named Charles Ambrose who is also a psychic.

The story has elements of David Fincher’s Seven, starring Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman, but has a certain style from writer Ted Griffin, who is also known for Matchstick Men, and the recent series, Terriers.

Afonso Poyard directs the dark drama and Jeffrey Dean Morgan gets another chance to play a charismatic character. As Agent Joe Merriwether, Morgan is perhaps the only member of the FBI who has worked with the psychic before and is therefore the only link between the crimes solved.

The murders in the film are brutal, much like in Seven. They all represent something different so there’s no known connection at first, but John Clancy’s visions and Agent Joe Merriwether’s detective work, pinpoint the killer, which is when the real chase begins.

The film is scheduled to hit theaters on December 16, 2016. For The Walking Dead fans, this will give viewers a chance to follow Morgan during the winter break of the Season 7 hiatus.

Does Solace sound like a good flick to you?


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