Walking Dead’s Christian Serratos Revealed Baby Gender For Father’s Day

Christian Serratos | Photo Credit Instagram

Walking Dead Actress Reveals Pregnancy, Baby Girl

Christian Serratos Baby | Photo Credit Instagram

Not long ago, The Walking Dead’s Rosita Espinosa actress Christian Serratos shared a new photo of her baby on Instagram. Now, in honor of Father’s Day, she’s revealed that the baby is a girl.

Serratos’ baby was born on the early days of production for The Walking Dead, Season 8, which relieved some fans since the announcement of the pregnancy made many feel like that could be the end for Rosita.

Alanna Masterson, who plays Tara, also had a baby during Season 7 of the show.

Actress Joined Series Back In The Fourth Season

Christian Serratos | Photo Credit Instagram

Comic Book reports:

“Serratos joined AMC’s The Walking Dead in its fourth season, where she debuted in an episode with Eugene actor Josh McDermitt and Abraham actor Michael Cudlitz. Currently, only two of those actors remain on the deadly series as Cudlitz’s Abraham bowed out to kick off the seventh season.”

“In The Walking Dead comics, Rosita’s story came to an end a bit after the war with Negan and his Saviors when a feud with a group called the Whisperers began to arise. Whether or not this fate will be applied to the TV version of Rosita is to be seen. Serratos is not exactly eager to find out.”

Every Character Has Iconic Death

Image Credit: AMC

Serratos said, “I think all of these characters have such incredible deaths, and I think that, yes, you do feel a sense of possession. That is my death. Nobody can have it. However, there are some incredible deaths, like Abraham’s death in the comic book was given to Denise’s character on the show. It was amazing.”

“Whatever death I get, I know that it’s not going to come rightly. It’s going to have been very thought out and it’ll be exactly the death I was meant to have,” she said.

Do you think this newborn means the end for Rosita?

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