Walking Dead’s Andrew Lincoln Requests Star Trek Cameo With Former Co-Star


Walking Dead Star Heads To Star Trek

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Fans have known for some time that Sonequa Martin-Green has been in line to earn a role on Star Trek: Discovery, but we’ve yet to know how her former Walking Dead co-stars feel about the move.

Apparently, the man behind The Walking Dead’s Rick Grimes, Andrew Lincoln, would love to guest star on the CBS series, Star Trek: Discovery. He would get to work with his former co-star once again but also to star in fan-obsessed series.

Lincoln revealed his Star Trek obsession while praising Martin-Green’s role in the Season 7 finale.

Lincoln Compliments Former Co-Star

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“She’s an incredible personality with incredible grace and strength and tenacity,” Lincoln said to Variety. “She’s a very impressive woman. She will be leading that starship with the same class and fortitude. That is going to be one happy spaceship. I’d love to beam myself up at some point in some kind of Greg Nicotero special effects makeup.”

The Walking Dead has been known for allowing some major players to come on the series on walkers and it’s likely that Star Trek: Discovery could potentially do the same kind of thing.

“The production team made sure that her final scenes were the last shots of the whole season,” said Lincoln.

Former Characters On Walking Dead

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

When a character leaves the show, it’s usually in a major fashion. Glenn and Abraham were brutally killed, which changed the dynamic of the show. Richard and Benjamin both essentially died as martyrs.

Spencer died in a way that showed the coward he was and Olivia somewhat died in vain, but in one way or another, all of these characters will be avenged. That said, Sasha’s death was perhaps the most rewarding for the character.

Sasha got to star as both a survivor and a walker, which is likely how Lincoln would want to appear on Star Trek, if the possibility ever arrives.

Did you expect to see Sasha as a walker on The Walking Dead finale?