The Walking Dead Writers About To Kill Off Some Of Your Favorite Characters

By Brock Swinson | Monday Monday Staff -    2017-08-28

It’s All Out War This October

AMC’s The Walking Dead has never been shy about killing off major characters, but new interviews indicate they’re about to get a little trigger happy. They killed several leads last season, which moved at a snail’s pace, and now it’s about to be war time.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Actor Steven Ogg, who plays Simon on the show, sat down to discuss what might happen next for The Walking Dead. Ogg confirmed the All-Out War storyline, which means more will die when the show returns.

It’s going to be insane this October.

“Let’s Thin The Herd, Man.”

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“Yeah, I mean s—, it’s like whenever people say, ‘Are you going to die? Or do you know yet?’” Ogg said. “Yeah, everyone’s going to die at some point, right? They all die. Yeah, let’s thin the herd, man, let’s thin the herd,” the actor confirmed.

Steven Ogg is one of the few characters to be offered full-time work on the show. Between Seasons 7 and 8, the characters of Simon, Enid, and Jadis have all been added as full-time characters.

However, based on Sasha, Glenn, and Abraham’s deaths last season, that doesn’t really mean anything in the long run.

Steven Ogg Talks TWD Cast And Crew

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Steven Ogg talks TWD crew:

“They make it feel, and this extends throughout, really, everyone — production, and cast — there’s no feeling like you’re lesser than. Andrew [Lincoln] is number one on the call sheet, and he is number one and he sets the tone, and it just bleeds over to everyone,” said Ogg.

“That everyone is just so great and there’s no, you’re just this person, or your number 300 on the call sheet, it doesn’t matter. Everyone is in this together, and you feel it. You feel the team, you feel the love, you feel the support and the trust, and I think it’s what really makes it special. I think it reflects on the show, too.”

Who do you think will be the first to go when the war begins?

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