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The Walking Dead Without the Walkers?

By Hank Klinger | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-08-29

Believe it or not, the Walking Dead was almost created without walkers?

How they planned on making the show successful and entertaining without the walkers is beyond me. But it was the case, so thank your lucky stars that the creators decided to put them in the show. Before the show started on AMC, it was offered at NBC. During that time, the show didn’t receive the warmest reception by the network.Walking-Dead-Season-4-Zombies-36

NBC had a weird idea, they wanted a show where the protagonist and one other character solved a zombie kill of the week. That sounds plain out stupid and I can’t believe they were even considering that. Imagine how dumb that show would have been. Geeze people, I guess it proves the point, just because someone is in charge, doesn’t mean they make the best decisions.

Anyway, the idea was luckily shot down and the creators brought the concept to AMC. Thank God, because apparently, AMC ate it up. NBC didn’t understand that the walkers were not the heart of the show, AMC got it crystal clear. At NBC they assumed it would be a gruesome hack and slash with underdeveloped characters.

AMC understood that the entire success of the show depended solely on how developed the characters were. They knew the key would be an in depth and continually unfolding story line. They saw the potential and went for it full bore.

Aren’t we grateful for that? Because can you imagine a Law & Order style show, or NYPD style show based around Zombies? I don’t think I would ever turn the TV on again.

Luckily AMC got the concept and lead us to what we get now. One of the greatest shows ever created with some of the most developed characters on the small screen.Walking-dead-zombie-810x502

Season 7 is about to air in October on the 23rd. I think it’s going to be the best one yet. The people at AMC continually do a great job of keeping the story going along in a way that isn’t stagnating or dry. I wonder who will die in the next season?

And I wonder who Negan offed at the end of Season 6? One thing I love about the show is how characters are introduced and how they’re removed in the show. Some characters are eaten by walkers, some are killed by other humans and some even commit suicide.

The way they bring them in and take them out is one of the aspects of the Walking Dead that makes it so intense. I think the show has some of the greatest cliffhangers of anything on TV or the big screen.

And the characters are some of the best ever created. What you think about the show?

What could they do to keep it fresh? What could they do without? I would love to hear, so please feel free to comment below and let me know what you think. And make sure to watch the season when it airs on October 23rd.

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