Walking Dead Voice Actor Dies In Skydiving Accident

Randy Schell | Photo Credit NY Daily News

If you’ve ever seen an episode of The Walking Dead on AMC, you’ve likely heard the voice talents of actor Randy Schell.

Schell was known for doing the voiceover promos for the show but, unfortunately, died Saturday in an accident.

Randy Schell | Photo Credit NY Daily News

The actor, a licensed and experienced skydiver, tragically collided with a second jumper in mid-air. Both parachutes were already deployed and reports indicate that Schell’s parachute collapsed and never re-opened.

The other skydiver was treated for a leg injury and both men had jumped earlier that same day with no incidents.

The Voice Behind Walking Dead, Geico, Coke, and More

The Walking Dead | Photo Cred AMC

NY Daily News reports:

“Though his face might not be instantly recognizable, Schell’s distinct voice sure is, as he leaves behind a lengthy resume that includes voice work for hundreds of commercials.”

“In addition to promos for “The Walking Dead,” Schell lent his voice to spots for brands like Coca-Cola, 20th Century Fox, Geico, McDonald’s, Nike and more, according to his website. He also narrated nearly 500 episodes of “Judge Alex,” a syndicated reality court show.”

“Schell’s agent, Jenny Josby, told KHOU that her client was “a great friend” and “a great man” who will be missed by many….”

Skydiving Enthusiast Dies In Tragic Accident

Randy Schell | Photo Credit Facebook

Many referred to Schell as the man with the “golden voice.” His agent also revealed “He was a constant professional. Everyone loved working with him. He was also a brilliant producer and engineer. He had a golden voice, he knew what to do with it…”

Schell’s Facebook indicates that he was very passionate about skydiving and he had various links to Skydive Spaceland-Houston on his website and social media pages. There are even photos of him skydiving with friends writing encouraging messages, such as “Really good to be in the air again!”

Do you remember this iconic voice from the series?

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