Rick Sends Group “On The Road”

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Image Comics Pittsburgh natives who also love The Walking Dead are going to be excited to see what Robert Kirkman has been cooking up in the next issue of the zombie drama. For those unfamiliar with the comic, the storyline is way ahead.

Spoilers await…

Rick’s Grime’s home base is still in Alexandria, which is in Virginia, but the group has made radio contact with others in Ohio, so Rick has sent a group to investigate. Issue 170, which is called “On the Road,” shows a foursome traveling by horseback.

In the two-page center spread, the group arrives on Roberto Clemente Bridge, which faces downtown Pittsburgh.

Tribute To A Hollywood Icon

George Romero | Photo Credit Everitt

It’s possible that the issue may have been a direct tribute to George A. Romero, who recently passed away. Romero created the original zombie series with many of his films during the 1970s.

Kirkman tweeted, “Without George A. Romero, there is no Walking Dead. His inspiration cannot be overstated. He started it all, so many others followed.”

Trib Live added:

“While the trek through Pittsburgh does fall into the storyline, the timing of the strong ‘Burgh presence does seem to coincide with the passing of filmmaker (and zombie creator) George A. Romero, a Western Pennsylvania icon for his cult zombie movies filmed here.”

Building The Zombie Genre

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Image Comics

Ironically, George A. Romero had some comments against the show and many of its followers. In the end, he still wanted to make small budget zombie films, but the studios would only make enormous features, like World War Z.

More than likely, he still appreciated what was going on when he considered that he truly helped build the genre. His films, such as Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, and Land of the Dead will go down in history and are constantly referenced by Greg Nicotero as he plays homage to the classics on The Walking Dead.

What do you think of this abandoned Pittsburgh storyline?

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