Walking Dead Uses THIS ‘Die Hard’ Tactic Season 8


Before Season 8 began, Aaron-actor Ross Marquand promised Die Hard level action in TWD season premiere. Not only was this true (and then some), but there were actually a few tactics that came straight from the movie.

Bruce Willis | Photo Credit Die Hard

This actually began in Season 7 when Jesus stole a walkie-talkie from the Saviors last season. In the 1988 Bruce Willis classic, his character John McClane also stole a walkie to pinpoint where his enemies could be found.

Season 8 is following some similar tactics.

John McClane And Rick Grimes ‘Die Hard’

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Since John McClane was only one man, he couldn’t use many of Rick Grimes methods, seeing as Rick has an entire army. However, Rick Grimes did use one device from the Die Hard film.

In the movie, Bruce Willis’ character is running around barefoot. After he kills over a few of the bad guys, he checks their feet, but all of their shoes are too small. His enemies notice that he’s barefoot and start to shoot out glass around him.

The broken glass cuts up his feet and makes it difficult for John McClane to move around as quickly as he would like.

Rick Grimes Shoots Out The Glass

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

When Rick, Maggie and King Ezekiel first attack the Sanctuary, Negan comes out to greet them. Like Alan Rickman’s character Hans Gruber, Negan is tough, cocky, and uncompromising in his beliefs.

Rick Grimes starts to count down from ten, but only makes it to seven when he loses his patience and starts firing on Negan. As the Saviors run for cover, Rick’s army aims upward on the building.

Like the scene from Die Hard, they shoot out the glass. The Walking Dead version is actually more epic, but it’s essentially an army shooting out a factory worth of glass windows.

We don’t see inside the Sanctuary, but it’s possible this falling glass kills off dozens or more Saviors. For the ones that it doesn’t kill, it’s likely that even more are injured from the fallen glass.

What do you think of this Die Hard level action on The Walking Dead?

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