TWD’s Chandler Riggs Talks Emotional Last Days and Spider-Man Audition


At the Nashville Comic-Con, actor Chandler Riggs opened up with fans about his emotional last days on set. The Walking Dead essentially made Riggs’ career, since he almost quit acting right before he was cast as Carl Grimes. However, he’s got a full career ahead of him now.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Chandler Riggs dedicated eight years of his young life to the role of Carl Grimes, so it was quite difficult for him to wrap up the show. “The whole episode sucked in general,” said an honest Riggs. “I still get to see all of the other castmates at these conventions and things like that,” he added.

Riggs told fans, “It did kind of suck moving away from the show but, honestly, it’s so awesome getting to do other roles and other things I haven’t been able to do before and not just being confined to one role. Being Carl was super, super fun but getting to do other things has been the most fun I’ve had in years.”

Luckily, Riggs isn’t bitter about his exit from the series. Instead, he’s focused on a new career in music and acting in major films. 

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